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Web Design 102


Use short headings to summarize a paragraph's content. Capture your reader's interest and keep them on your site. Visitors should be able to skim key points of your site and pause at what interests them. Divide larger blocks of text into columns to further enable readability. As with any printed list, bullet points are perfect.

call to action

Virtually all successful web designs include various Calls to Action (CTA.) Common CTAs are "Request a Quote," "Purchase Now," and "Contact Us." Having clearly defined CTAs are very important to "hook" your customer and begin a relationship. CTAs should be near the top of your pages and also at the bottom.

Content is King

Fresh, updated content shows your business is active online. Stale, old posts and updates are a definite turnoff to prospective clients. Even simple changes in colors, backgrounds and fonts keep your site fresh. Update photos often and make regular blog posts. Also incorporate company news to include your customers as part of your team.

Social Media

Incorporate social media into your website. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin help build your brand. Social media is especially important to younger people. If your target audience is the younger crowd, social media is essential. Social media can be the best free advertising your company will ever get.


JibRunner can provide all the tools necessary to grow your business online and develop a solid web presence. We can also help you with any graphic design needs you have from logos to business cards to brochures.

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